blackberry-z10-available-usAs it stands, the BlackBerry Z30 is the Canadian company’s largest smartphone to date. It is also the latest smartphone, pending the release of the BlackBerry Z3 and the BlackBerry Q20. Unfortunately despite the large screen, BlackBerry is still using a 720p HD display, meaning that it is not as sharp as it could be.

Of course you might argue that we don’t really need such sharp displays or that it might not be noticeable, and while that argument does hold some valid points, in the face of marketing, BlackBerry just ends up looking “inferior”. However that could be changing soon, thanks to the recently leaked BlackBerry OS 10.3 which hints at a 1080p Full HD device.

As you might recall, it was just recently that alleged screenshots were leaked that supposedly revealed the next BlackBerry OS update, which is BlackBerry OS 10.3. At the moment the latest BlackBerry 10 build is BlackBerry 10.2, so as you can imagine, many are curious as to what the update could mean.

We’ve more or less covered what’s in BlackBerry 10.3 in our earlier post, although it was a screenshot of a set of folders that revealed the 1080×1920 resolution. We’re not sure if this resolution is for an upcoming smartphone or perhaps a tablet, but chances are we could be looking at a smartphone as BlackBerry does not have any tablet plans at the moment.

Could it be the resolution for the BlackBerry Q20? While the device was announced, its specifications still remain a mystery. However given that the phone will be packing a physical keyboard, we’re not sure if cramming a Full HD resolution into such a small display might be a good idea, but then again it could end up looking really good.

It is possible that the display resolution could be for an unannounced BlackBerry device, but either way our eyes and ears will be peeled for more information.

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