facebook logoFacebook is not a company that rests on its laurels. No sir, they have done their bit to experiment and improve on current products, and in their latest effort to help developers write and test code faster than ever before, Facebook has announced Hack. Hack might be new to the masses, but it had already been used at Facebook for a year already, and we are glad to bring you word that Facebook has released it as open source today.


Hack happens to be a programming language which Facebook came up with, where they combined elements of static-type programming languages such as C with dynamic-type languages like PHP. Whenever one codes in a static programming language, it will inform you of an error prior to the program running, while the forward looking, dynamic type language that one codes will continue until a program crash happens.

Hack intends to deliver its own way of catching errors before running the program starts to make sense, which could eventually be the springboard for developers to code faster than ever before. After all, speed in coding is also essential, although whether it could be on part with writing code that runs faster remains to be seen. [Press Release]

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