iphone-5s-review-008It is no secret that when it comes to smartphone theft, iPhones are the smartphone of choice. This is thanks to the fact that iPhones are typically seen as being desirable products (say what you will about specs and the pitfalls of iOS) and can be resold at a higher price. Apple has since introduced features such as Activation Lock which is part of iOS 7 thus making the phone more secure.


That being said, would you rather have a phone that has a higher probability of being stolen, but in exchange is less likely to break or require replacing? Or vice versa? Well according to device insurance firm, ProtectCell, it has been found that while iPhones tend to be stolen more often, they do require less repairing and replacement.

According to their findings, it seems that iPhone users are 54% less likely to need a replacement device for any reason compared to other smartphone owners. They also found that iPhone users are 11% less likely to report a broken or damaged device.

We’re not sure if this is attributed to iPhone users taking better care of their phones, or if it might be because AppleCare and paying for repairs out of warranty is too expensive. However the report seems to suggest that iPhone owners tend to be a bit forgetful as they 65% more likely to request a replacement due to their device going missing.

It is a little ironic considering that iPhones have the Find My iPhone feature. In any case what do you guys make of these numbers? Do you agree with ProtectCell’s findings?

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