22983-large-steve-wozniak-android-640x399With the release of iOS 7.1, performance monitoring service, Crittercism, found that it was the most stable iOS build to date, with a crash rate of just under 1.6%. This is compared to previous iOS builds who have had a crash rate of over 2%. That’s pretty good, right? Sure, but now that Crittercism has released the numbers for Android, things certainly don’t look so good anymore.

According to the latest figures by Crittercism, they have found that Android in general has been more stable compared to iOS. According to their findings, app crashes on Android 2.3 Gingerbread was at 1.7%, a number which Apple has only recently managed to beat.

Other builds of Android, especially those of the 4.x variety, were found to have a crash rate of around 0.7%, a number which Apple is pretty far from at the moment. Those are some pretty interesting statistics and given that Crittercism monitors app usage on over a billion Android and iOS apps, it’s safe to say that their research has been pretty damn extensive.

Of course at the end of the day we guess it also depends on how the developer has written the app for the platform. For example apps not optimized for the latest operating system can crash due to incompatibility. Badly written code could also be a cause for app crashes, but for now, at least based on these numbers, Android appears to be the clear winner, at least in their fight against iOS.

What do you guys think? Do iOS users agree that their apps tend to crash more frequently than Android? Or are the numbers a little too low for the differences in percentage to be noticeable?

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