viberViber, for those unfamiliar, is an app that allows users to call one another for free and send instant messages as well. The app is available on a variety of platforms except for BlackBerry 10. This was confirmed back in 2013 where Viber stated that they had no plans to support BlackBerry 10 anytime soon.

Well the good news is that it looks like Viber could be having a change of heart. This is thanks to a recent tweet by Viber in which they respond to a customer’s enquiry as to whether Viber would be arriving on BlackBerry. Viber responded by saying, “We are working with BB on a solution that will allow us to bring Viber to BB10. Please follow us for updates coming soon!” 

Of course there’s no telling when Viber for BlackBerry 10 will be arriving, but we guess it’s good to know that Viber has not abandoned their plans entirely. In the past we have seen how big name apps have announced that they would not support BlackBerry, only to turn around and offer a solution later.

Some examples we have seen includes WhatsApp who initially stated that there were no plans for BlackBerry 10, only to change their minds a couple of months later. There are still some big name apps that have yet to arrive, such as Instagram, but there are plenty of third-party alternatives for those looking to get their Instagram fix.

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