whitexboxPrior to the release of the Microsoft Xbox One, there were several instances in which a white Xbox One version was spotted. It turns out that the white Xbox One is an employee-only special edition console meaning that regular folks like you and me won’t be able to get our hands on it.


Well it turns out that if you absolutely must have the white Xbox One, an eBay auction has been sighted in which the seller is putting up the white Xbox One for sale where it is currently priced at a whopping $2,700, which is a little over five times what the Xbox One is currently worth ($499).

According to the seller, this is an original employee-edition Xbox One console and will come with all the relevant accessories, including a white Xbox One controller, although there will be another black controller bundled so that two people can use the console at the same time. The seller also claims that the box has been opened mainly to test whether the unit is working, but other than that it is still relatively new.

Unfortunately this deal is only for those living in the US, so if you’re living in other parts of the world, you’d be out of luck. For those who don’t think the white Xbox One is worth $2,700, there are alternatives like getting the console custom colored by the folks at ColorWare. It might not be the same thing but it’s close enough.

However according to an earlier rumor, it was suggested that a white Xbox One console could be launched by Microsoft in the future. The rumor also indicated an Xbox One Titanfall bundle which turned out to be true, so perhaps the white Xbox One could be true as well. In the meantime, any takers?

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