Powered by Nokia’s HERE mapping service, Yahoo continues to improve its mapping service as it looks to take on the already established players in this particular arena. Today, users will notice some big changes when they head over to, one that puts Yahoo Maps at par with some of its rivals. Indoor navigation has been added, powered by Here Venue Maps, users will now be able to see maps for venues like sports stadiums, shopping malls and travel interchanges and they will also be able to map their routes inside these locations.

Nokia’s HERE mapping division continues to map indoor venues at a “ferocious pace.” Initially launched back in 2012, there were 4600 venues available for navigation in the start, and since then it has substantially grown. Over 75,000 buildings have been mapped by HERE and many more are being continuously added.

The obvious advantage for users is that they don’t have to waste their time looking for something inside an indoor venue, particularly if its a gigantic sports stadium or a mega mall. Just like they map their route to the destination’s entrance, they can continue to map till the precise area they need to visit inside the building and thus save a lot of time.

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