dalek-potholeThis particular machine that you see here will no doubt be referred to as a ’Dalek’ by Dr. Who fans, as this £200,000 amalgamation of steel that make up a machine is capable of blasting potholes in a matter of two minutes, which could very well be the answer to poor road conditions. Right now, this £200,000 machine is on trial in central Bedfordshire, where it is touted to be able to fill up standard issue potholes a whole lot faster than conventional methods – we are talking about up to 30 times faster here.

Why the Dalek reference? Well, it sports a robotic arm that extends from the cab over the pothole, before it fills up said pothole with material so that the crater is covered. I guess the only thing it does not do is to say, “Exterminate!” This particular machine would blow away the dust and loose debris, where after that, it sprays a tar-like glue over the hole before laying gravel on top.

The ruthless efficiency of this particular machine could usher in a new future as millions of motorists will no longer have to contend with uneven terrain or a pseudo off-road driving experience. I guess you can call this a “pothole killer” if you will.

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