HTC 8X review

The soft touch is terrific, but we could also do with less logos…

It was back in 2012 that HTC unveiled a handful of colorful Windows Phone handsets. We were reminded particularly of Nokia’s Lumia lineup, which is usually a very colorful affair as well, but either way it was nice to see some competition in the Windows Phone space. Unfortunately while Nokia has continued to churn out Windows Phone handset one after the other, the same cannot be said for HTC.

Also based on the fact that Nokia’s cellphone division is now officially owned by Microsoft, how does this change for HTC? Well according to the HTC (via PCWorld), it seems that nothing has changed. In a statement made by a HTC representative, “Our position remains the same: Microsoft remains a valued partner and we don’t anticipate any change to our relationship.”

For fans of HTC’s Windows Phone efforts, we guess this is semi-good news since it means that HTC could potentially crank out new Windows Phone devices soon. At the same time it does sound a little vague and to date we have not seen or heard any evidence that HTC has plans for a Windows Phone handset that could feature Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone 8.1 release.

That being said with Microsoft now owning Nokia’s cellphone division, we can only imagine that they’d be more interested in churning out their own brand of devices. After all this means that they get to control both software and hardware, kind of like what Apple is doing with its iOS devices, but what do you guys think? Do you reckon we’ll see new HTC Windows Phone handsets in the near future?

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