AvS.Samsung.2012So lately we have been hearing about how Apple views the Android competition as a threat. While we guess that was always obvious, leaked slides and emails revealed during the course of the latest Apple versus Samsung legal battle have cast Apple in a somewhat “desperate” light.


However thanks to a recent internal document obtained by the folks at AppleInsider, it flips things on its head and it shows how desperate Samsung was to beat Apple back in 2012. According to the leaked document, it shows Samsung’s plan/strategy for the year of 2012, which was when the iPhone 5 was released.

According to the document, Samsung’s number one priority for that year was to beat Apple, and as you can see in the image above, beating Apple was the main focus and that everything that Samsung did had to be in the context of beating out their competition.

The slides also reveals Samsung’s predictions of the iPhone sales where they estimated that Apple would see more than 40 million units in 2012, and they were right as Apple had managed to sell 150 million iPhone units in the fiscal year of 2013, where most of the sales were attributed to the iPhone 5. It also seems that Samsung considers Apple’s threat as being “extremely real and urgent”.

We guess it’s safe to say that despite both Apple and Samsung being extremely huge companies that neither side were content with resting on their laurels, especially since the leaked slides and documents have revealed how urgent and real the other competitor’s threat was.

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