line-logoMessaging app Line of Japan has revealed that they have now passed the 400 million registered users milestone, and if one were to work the mathematics backwards, it would have translated to the addition of another 100 million users in a space of as little as five months – pretty heady, don’t you think so? After all, at the end of November in 2013, the total number of registered users for line passed the 300 million mark. Line CEO Akiera Morikawa has already looked ahead and intends to pass the 500 million user mark later this year, and it does seem as though they are well on their way in achieving this particular target.


Line has also taken note that user numbers in countries such as North America and Europe have risen significantly, having contributed to the “already large” user base in Spain and Southeast Asia, as well as in other territories. In addition, it also shared that the total number of new users who sign up daily has touched “around 1.7 million per day, indicating rapid growth worldwide.”

Japan, of course, does have the largest number of users. It makes perfect sense after all considering how it is the home country of Line, and hopefully the 50 million figure will grow in time as well, while Thailand and Indonesia are up next in the numbers stakes with 24 million and 20 million users, respectively. The world’s second most populous country, India, is also hot on the list with 18 million users. It is interesting to see more and more messaging and communication alternatives arise and offer options to the masses. [Press Release]

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