mimu-gloveThe launch of the Kinect system by Microsoft that saw one’s body being used as a game controller certainly did bring about new possibilities for one to game, and it might have proved inspirational for other projects down the road. Take the Mi.Mu Glove for Music for instance – this Kickstarter project is a state-of-the-art wearable technology that will allow you to control sounds using your hands alone, which might very well alter the way that music is composed.

With slightly more than three more weeks left to go, the Mi.Mu Glove for Music needs to raise less than 75% more of the £200,000 goal in order for its production lines to get busy. How does the Mi.Mu Glove for Music work? Well, it takes advantage of the dexterity and mobility of the human body in order to work in tandem with a live performance machine. These gloves happen to be a compact, lightweight and self-contained system that will need a laptop in tow to maximize its potential.

Capturing the movements and postures of your hands via the gloves, the accompanying software will enable such information to be mapped to musical control messages that can then be routed to a music software of your choice. The gloves are able to track your hand’s orientation, the “flex” of your fingers, the existing hand posture and its direction, as well as sharp movements to indicate drum hits.

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