peek-iHave you ever wondered what it might be like to live your life as a spy? Perhaps go around taking stealthy “spy” shots of people and your surroundings? Well if you do have such aspirations, the Peek-I might just be what the doctor ordered.


The Peek-I in question is an accessory for the iPhone’s camera. It attaches to the back of your iPhone via a magnet and has the ability to snap photos not directly in front of you. This is thanks to a little mirror attachment that basically reflects whatever is seen at an angle and lets you take a photo of it.

In a way it is a little creepy since we expect that there are some out there who might use it for nefarious reasons, although unsurprisingly it seems that the crowdfunding project has managed to overshoot its initial goal of $1,000 by $20,000. Yup, the Peek-I has managed to surpass its original goal by 2000%. Yikes!

Alternatively the Peek-I can be used to decorate your iPhone thanks to the sticker pack which adds some whimsical designs to the accessory, thus personalizing your device. Now if you’d like to learn more or maybe pledge a donation of your hit, head on over to the Peek-I Indiegogo page for the details!

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