When it comes to guitar picks, there really isn’t that much to think about. It’s essentially a piece of plastic (or in some cases metal) shaped in a particular way and comes in varying degrees of thickness, flexibility, and size, depending on personal preference and the kind of sound one wants to achieve.

Like we said, it’s a relatively simply affair, but it seems that even the humble pick can get a “high tech” upgrade, thanks to the folks at Pro Music Marketing which created the Pykmax High Performance Guitar Picks.

The Pykmax does not look like your standard pick and it has been designed that way on purpose. According to Pro Music Marketing’s CEO, Jeremy Milikow, “The guitar pick has always been somewhat of an obstacle for many beginning and intermediate players. Pykmax enables those players to concentrate more on playing great music and less on gripping the guitar pick.” It will also help relieve muscle pressure that is usually associated with gripping more traditional picks.

The company also invited guitarists of all levels and stated that those who participated agreed that the Pykmax was comfortable and enhanced their picking speed and precision. The Pykmax will also come in two sizes, small and medium, with the former ideal for children starting out on guitar, while the medium sized version will catered more towards adults. The picks that can be attached to the Pkymax also come in varying gauges, ranging from 0.60mm, 0.88mm, and 1.00mm.

If you’d like to place an order for the Pykmax, head on over to Amazon’s website where it is priced at $12. In the meantime you can check out the video above to see a demonstration of the Pkymax in action.

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