gear-glass-headphoneWe have heard the rumors that Samsung could be working on a Google Glass rival, although as it stands we have only heard the rumors and seen patents that points to such a device being a possibility. Now thanks to a newly discovered patent, another possible design of Samsung’s Glass rival has been sighted.

In this particular patent, it describes an earpiece that comes with an integrated heads up display, with the display resembling what we’ve seen in Google Glass. Not only does this setup provide the wearer with a display, but it could also provide audio feedback, such as notifications, music, movies, and video playback.

Also unlike Google Glass, this particular design appears to be less intrusive and sports a smaller and less obvious profile, which given the hostile reactions we’ve seen regarding Google Glass, might be a good thing.

Earlier patent sightings have suggested that Samsung’s answer to Google Glass might end up looking like a pair of goggles and we have to say that we’d much prefer this design instead. Other possible features of Samsung’s Google Glass rival includes an augmented reality keyboard although it does not look particularly fun to type with.

No word on when Samsung will launch their wearable device but if the rumors are to be believed, IFA 2014 is a possibility and that is scheduled to take place in the later part of the year. Until then what do you guys think of this particular design? Yay or nay?

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