Microsoft’s Skype has just announced that they will offer free group video calling, which might just be the catalyst where more and more group video calls are made. After all, not everyone can remain behind a computer at all times, and some video calls that need to be made, well, they just need to be made, ‘nuff said.

Hence, it is right for Skype to feel proud that this is another step for them to create opportunities for the ordinary layman to communicate freely and easily with one another regardless of where they are at the moment. Group video calling had been on offer to Premium users on Windows desktop and Mac (as well as on the Xbox One in more recent times), but now it is free for all users across the various platforms mentioned. To sweeten the deal, Skype intends to enable group video calling for all of their users across additional platforms, and at no additional cost, too. This ought to put a spring in anyone’s step at the start of a new work week.

This move underlines Skype’s commitment to make group communications simple, easy and fun for everyone, not only in the here and now, but also in the years ahead. [Press Release]

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