According to a rumor we heard last week, it was suggested that the Sony A7s could be launched over the weekend. It turns out that the rumor is true as Sony has since officially announced the device where it will be joining its other A7x siblings, the Sony A7 and the A7r, both of which were announced back in October of 2013.

So, what’s new about the Sony A7s? Well according to Sony, the Sony A7s is the company’s latest full-frame camera which sports a 12.2MP sensor. Interestingly it seems that Sony isn’t playing the megapixels game and has kept it as a somewhat sensible 12.2MP, rather than opting for something larger.

For those who actually do need the extra megapixels to print out large photos, then we guess this isn’t the camera for you, but for casual photographers or enthusiasts, we reckon 12.2MP is more than enough to get by. The Sony A7s will even feature an extended ISO of as much as 409,600, meaning that low-light photography shouldn’t be an issue, although we have to wonder about the noise in photos at those levels.

Other features includes the ability to record videos at 4K resolution, a feature which was not present on either the A7 or the A7r. The A7s will also play nicely with Sony’s range of A-mount lenses so if you’ve been collecting Sony lenses, then they should fit on the Sony A7s and save you the time and money from having to go look for new ones.

Unfortunately has not announced when or how much the Sony A7s will cost but given that the Sony A7 and A7r are priced between $2,000-$2,300 for the body-only models, we can only assume that the A7s will be around that price range as well, hopefully.

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