china maglevChina is pretty far from the US, and one of the ways that you can get to China from the US and vice versa is by taking a plane. However it seems that China is thinking that there could be another form of transportation that they could consider – a high-speed railway that would connect Beijing to the US.

Given that China and the US are separated by the ocean, one of the proposed routes would be a tunnel underneath the Pacific Ocean. According to China, the train will begin in north-east China, run up through Siberia, pass through the tunnel under the ocean, cut through Alaska and Canada, before finally arriving in the US. It sounds like a lot of ground to cover and we suspect the journey could take a while.

The distance cover has been estimated to be around 13,000km and with the train traveling at a speed for 350kmph, the estimated traveling time would be two days. That’s a pretty long time to be traveling, but we guess it’s an alternative to those who might have a fear of planes.

Now this will require the cooperation of many countries, especially those whose territory will be part of the train, although Russia has reportedly been thinking about this for a while now, according to Wang Mengshu, a railway expert at the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

According to a report from the China Daily, they claim that the technology to build the underwater tunnel is “already in place”, and that this technology will be used to construct a high-speed railway between Fujian and Taiwan, with the project being funded and constructed by China. Naturally there are some who are skeptical about these plans, especially since it does sound highly ambitious, but what do you guys think?

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