outlook-hangoutsGoogle has just revealed a brand new plug-in which will deliver Google video call functionality (Google Hangout) to Outlook as well as Chromeboxes. This particularly new extension would enable Microsoft Outlook users to participate in a Hangout, where those who do not make use of Google’s app suite when it comes to their primary communications needs will be able to do so without having to fork out any more extra dough for a Google Apps for Business account.


This particular ability to join, schedule or kick off a Hangout can now be part of Outlook’s calendar and mail, thanks to the inclusion of the plug-in. The thing is, there will be no chat integration thrown into the mix with the extension, although users can initiate contact with Outlook and Google app users as well. Installation is more or less painless, where it is accomplished via an executable downloaded from Google.

The whole reason behind this particular plug-in was to provide businesses with the opportunity to making use of a Chromebox in an easier manner so that one can conduct video meetings. Video call names are also part of an event in Microsoft Outlook with this plug-in, and users can join in from the Chromebox simply by entering the video call name with the remote.

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