xbox-one-sellerWhen Microsoft made the decision to remove the Kinect from the Xbox One bundle, making it an optional purchase for gamers, we’re sure some were worried that this was limiting to developers. After all if the Kinect is an optional accessory, why bother developing for it if not many gamers have a Kinect in the first place, right?


Well Microsoft begs to differ, and in a recent interview with OXM, Microsoft’s European Studios boss Phil Harrison revealed that the opposite was true. In fact he believes that by removing the Kinect, it could lead to even more games being created for the Xbox One. Basically the idea is that with the Xbox One now cheaper, it could lead to more gamers purchasing the console, which would then encourage developers to create more games for the platform.

“And fundamentally that is good for opening up the Xbox One ecosystem – the more consumers who buy Xbox One, it’s a virtuous cycle for more developers to make and more consumers to play games, and that is what we’re committed to achieving and continuing.” So far there has been evidence to suggest that there is an increased demand for the console.

This is according to video games retailer, GameStop who revealed that they have been receiving a greater amount of interest for the Xbox One after Microsoft decided to remove the Kinect and reduce the price. Harrison goes on to reassure gamers that they will not be abandoning the Kinect and that there are still big plans for the accessory.

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