instagram foodA lot of us are guilty when it comes to taking photos of our food before eating it. It’s like we have to let the world know where we are and what we are eating. It’s an interesting phenomenon and it is something that a pop-up diner in Soho, London, is capitalizing on. Called The Picture House, it seems that the restaurant is more than happy to let diners pay for their meals simply by Instagramming it and adding a hashtag of “BirdsEyeInspirations”.

The company behind the restaurant, Birds Eye, found that 52% of people already take photos of their food when they eat out, so why not capitalize on that for some publicity, right? Interestingly despite having been opened only for a week, a search on Instagram revealed that there have been hundreds of photos with said hashtag, meaning that more than a few diners decided to take them up on their offer.

The company is also using this opportunity to help promote their frozen food and are hoping to convert people to it, especially those who might not necessarily be fans of the frozen food variety before. It’s an interesting move and one that they are planning on taking on the road. The restaurant will be relocated to other cities in the following weeks, such as Manchester and Leeds.

According to the company’s Marketing Director, Margaret Jobling, “Taking photos of food enables people to show off and to share their mealtime moments – from the every day to the very special. We wanted to tap into this trend and create a new reason for people to talk about and sample our newest additions to the Inspirations range.” What do you guys think? Pretty cool idea, huh?

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