ultra-small-footprint-vehicleThe world’s mega cities are certainly getting more and more densely populated as well as congested, as just about everyone wants in on the action – city life tends to be more glamorous and glitzy after all. Traffic woes, however, seem to have been accepted as part and parcel of a cosmopolitan city life, and it seems that cars of the future will have to be designed to help ease congestion on our roads. Sounds impossible? What you see above happens to be an idea by designer Alex Langensiepen who comes from Beverly Hills, MI, United States, calling it the “USF – Ultra Small Footprint Vehicle”.

This particular concept was specially designed to thrive within the city of Tokyo when the year 2025 arrives, with the whole objective of the USF being to bring excitement back into the commuter’s everyday travels. Tokyo might have one of the world’s most efficient transportation systems around, being prompt as well, but it does not deal with the over capacity issue which could be close to 200% in certain cases, leading to an extremely cramped experience when one goes to work.

The inspiration? Movies such as Tron, where a vehicle could disappear and re-appear on command. The USF has a motor, battery system, and protective structure that are stored within a couple of spacious, hub-less wheels on either side of the seat, which maximizes the amount of space while reducing weight in the process. There is also the weather protection system that can adjust itself automatically, upon figuring out the direction of the rain. Apart from that, it can also fold itself into a smaller size that will help reduce its footprint further, making it a snap to store. Will it ever become reality? Not anytime soon, unfortunately.

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