logitech-m325-quirky Not all mice are created equal, and when it comes to Swiss manufacturer Logitech, they certainly do have a pretty long history when it comes to the world of computer peripherals such as mice and keyboards. Having said that, Logitech intends to spruce up the world of desktop mice with their 2014 Logitech Color collection, which will see three of its most popular mice arrive in a slew of eye-catching patterns and contemporary colors.


Those who are more traditional minded might want to shun these new mice, but if you are forward looking and love loud, bright colors, then this vibrant collection could be just the thing for you to welcome summer with a bang.

Charlotte Johs, global vice president of brand development for PC accessories at Logitech, shared, “The 2014 Logitech Color Collection was designed to reflect the open expression of individuality in today’s society. Colors and patterns can influence your mood and reflect your style. With our new collection’s bold designs and vibrant colors, you can show the world how unique you are.”

The designs are definite head turners that range from two-tone classics all the way to eye-catching prints. The various colors, patterns, and models that are part of the collection would vary by region, but regardless of which particular model that you decide to pick up afterwards, they will all be able to deliver a same level of compelling style alongside comfort, precision, and reliability that has made Logitech a well known name in the world of computer mice.

Out later this month, the 2014 Logitech Color Collection mice will be comfortably priced between $19.99 to $29.99.

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