Left to right: G3 and Galaxy S5

Left to right: G3 and Galaxy S5

Based on the first impressions that many have had of the LG G3, it seems that LG has another hit on their hands, following the LG G2 which proved to be quite a popular phone for 2013. We’ve also heard about how the LG G3 managed to eclipse the early sales of the Samsung Galaxy S5, but since then how has the phone done for itself?

Well according to the recent figures, it seems that the LG has managed to sell 100,000 units of the handset in just five days in South Korea alone. That is mighty impressive and seems to be in line with earlier reports of how the phone was outselling the Galaxy S5 in South Korea at a ratio of 3:1.

However these are just initial launch sales so we expect those numbers to even out as the product begins to mature. It is likely that the LG G3 is enjoying such good sales right now thanks to its slightly more powerful hardware, at least compared to the competition. The selling point would be its QHD display and incredibly thin bezels, allowing the phone to pack a big and sharp display without it being too big.

Now we have also heard about how Samsung will be planning on releasing their own QHD display with a metal body and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 chipset under the hood, but will it be able to outdo the LG G3’s sales? Perhaps it will, given Samsung’s reputation, but we guess we will have just to wait and see.

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