Custom_format_X300_FAMILYPortable speakers are great. They come in handy when you’re traveling overseas, and they’re also great when you want to enjoy some music in your room where your speakers might not be setup, and you don’t want to have to deal with the speakers on your tablet, smartphone, or laptop.


If you’re in the market for such a device, you might be interested to learn that Logitech has recently announced a pair of wireless speakers in the form of the X300. Logitech claims that the X300 will offer up theater-quality sound, although we have to say that for the most part, wireless speakers are hardly up to audiophile snuff, but for $69.99 we guess it’s hard to argue since it does seem like it could be value for money.

The speaker will feature Bluetooth connectivity, so all you’d have to do is pair your smartphone, tablet, or laptop with it and you’re good to go. The speaker can also double as a speaker phone when a call comes in while a phone is connected to it. The X300 is also pretty small as it measures just under 6-inches long by 2.7-inches high, and 2.8-inches deep, so you should have no problems slipping it into your backpack while you travel.

According to Logitech’s product manager for wireless speakers, Jeffery Cheung, “We designed this stereo speaker on a completely new acoustic platform, strategically positioning the drivers to face upward and outward to deliver expansive sound that can help take your mobile entertainment to the next level.” The X300 will roll out to the US and select Asian countries later this month, and will be released in Europe come August.

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