ms-smartwatchIt does seem as though everyone wants a slice of the wearable tech market these days, and the smartwatch happens to be one of such devices. The likes of Motorola and LG already have plans for a smartwatch, while others like Samsung and Sony have already rolled out their early designs to the masses. Software giant Microsoft looks set to join the bandwagon too, as we mentioned at the end of last month that Microsoft’s smartwatch is rumored to play nice with the iOS and Android platforms. Well, word on the street has it that someone must have seen the Microsoft smartwatch tested in New York City recently.

Apparently, when the person testing out the timepiece was approached, he issued a denial that it was the Microsoft wearable, touting it to be a China-manufactured fitness band instead. After being asked in a more persistent manner, the person admitted that it was the Microsoft watch that was being tested.

It seems that this timepiece does share some design cues with the Samsung Galaxy Gear Fit, which would result in an elongated screen. There will also be Metro-styled icons, although the display would most probably be of a low resolution count. Only time will be able to tell just how far ahead, if possible, the Microsoft smartwatch will be compared to its peers when it is finally released.

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