tmo_signSometimes when we experience slow speeds on our mobile devices and we call into customer service, they usually recommend we perform speedtests to find out if the issue could be on our end or their end. Naturally the sending and receiving of data during a speedtest will consume data. It might not be much but it still counts towards it.

Well the good news for T-Mobile customers is that the carrier has announced that speedtest data will no longer count towards your data allowance. What this means is that if you so desired, you could run speedtests 24/7 and not worry about having to run out of data, although we’re not sure why other than to abuse the feature.

According to a statement from T-Mobile (via FierceWireless), “The Ookla application is designed to measure true network speed–not show that a customer has exceeded their high-speed data bucket. Other speed test providers are also whitelisted.” This is another move by T-Mobile that seems to go against the grain and standard of the industry.

It reminds us of T-Mobile’s Music Freedom program that allows its customers to stream songs without it eating into their data. While Unlimited Data Plans might not be as prevalent these days, by taking out music streaming and speedtest data out of the user’s data allowance, it can certainly start to feel unlimited.

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