760px-US-Army_soldier_taking_coverWhen under fire from guns, taking cover behind a wall or a shield is probably a great way to protect yourself. Unfortunately there are times when a wall or cover is unavailable due to your environment, so what do you do then? Well it seems that the US Military is looking to do something about it to address such situations.

Their plan? To be able to erect an instant cover in the battlefield, sort of like a wall in a can. You might have seen in some movies where they are able to pull emergency rafts out of a tiny bag and have it spring open, so imagine something similar, except with a wall of sorts. This can be used not only for protection, but could potentially be used to help block of exits.

As it stands, DARPA is currently seeking proposals for such an idea. They are referring to the project as BlockADE (Block Access to Deny Entry). While ideally BlockADE would be able to resist the likes of bullets and ballistics, DARPA is hoping at the very least it will be able to withstand attacks from axes or saws.

While it might be awhile before we see anything concrete show up, it’s still a pretty intriguing idea nonetheless. What do you guys think? What other uses could an instant-wall be used for?

[Image Credit – By Lance Corporal Benjamin J. Flores, 1st Marine Division, United States Marine CorpsArtanis at http://de.wikipedia.org (Transferred from de.wikipedia Archive.org) [Public domain], from Wikimedia Commons]

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