diablo-3-ps3-xbox-360-september-3Whether you can tell the difference between a game running at 900p versus 1080p, we guess most gamers would like to think that they are getting the best possible quality in their games. Now unfortunately for gamers, Diablo 3 for the Xbox One will be shipped and played at 900p, but the good news is that it has been announced that the game will run at 1080p, although gamers will have to download a day one patch.


According to a spokesperson, “We’ve now confirmed that following a day one patch, the Xbox One version of UEE will run at full HD 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second (up from 900p, 60 fps).” Previously it was suggested that this could be the case, thanks to Microsoft unbundling the Kinect from the console, which in turn helped free up some processing power.

This means that Xbox One gamers will be able to enjoy the same level of graphics quality as their PlayStation 4 counterparts. It was not mentioned as to how big the day one patch will be, but hopefully it shouldn’t take too long for gamers to download it. Diablo 3 for the Xbox One has been pegged for a release on the 19th of August.

If you’re upgrading from a PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, it has recently been confirmed that gamers will be able to transfer their saved characters from older consoles to newer ones, so you don’t have to start grinding levels and farming for loot all over again.

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