While the controls on handheld consoles like the Nintendo 3DS and PS Vita are perfectly fine, we’re sure that there are more than a few gamers out there who are wishing that they had a bigger controller to play their games with. While it might not be as straight forward as a console or PC where you plug a controller in, one person by the name of Loopy has managed to create an adapter for the Nintendo 3DS.

What does this adapter do? Well thanks to this custom adapter, Loopy will be able to attach a GameCube controller to his Nintendo 3DS, thus allowing him to use his controller to play his video games. Unfortunately if you were hoping that Loopy would sell his mod online so that you can attach a GameCube controller to your Nintendo 3DS, you’d be out of luck.

According to Loopy, “Selling [the adapter] is probably not worth the trouble. Installing it isn’t simple and I wouldn’t want to deal with all the botched installs.” In any case we reckon the use of a controller might kind of defeat the purpose of the secondary display. After all with the controller in your hands, you might find it hard to use the touchscreen at the bottom at the same time.

Either way if you want to see the mod in action, you can check it out in the video above where Loopy shows off his mod while playing Super Street Fighter IV: 3D Edition on a Nintendo 2DS (although in his forum post he notes that it will work with the 3DS as well).

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