microsoft-surface-pro-3__41When it comes to tablets, have you ever wondered just how marvelous those devices work, as they do not require any kind of humming fan that we are so used to hearing when it comes to our older notebooks and computers? Well, with the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, it looks like the hardware might have run into a little bit of complications. It arrives in Core i3, Core i5 and Core i7 configurations, but those who have decided to try their luck out with the Core i7-powered models might run into excessive heat issues.

Just how hot will it get? Well, apparently, the mercury will rise to a level where the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 will automatically kick in its failsafe action, that is the safety mode which would turn everything off until the Surface Pro 3 has sufficiently cooled down. Do bear in mind that this not an isolated case, as at least a quartet of units have already shown off such excessive heat as evident in the Microsoft Answer forums so far.

While the Core i7, being Intel’s high-performance range of CPUs, will obviously run at a higher heat level compared to its slower Core i5 and Core i3 siblings, to have it shut down because it is too hot is definitely a fail. Hopefully Microsoft will be able to fix this particular issue, and in good time, too.

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