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There is ardent online following of any and all Apple rumors. It hasn’t been that long since the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus were formally announced for us to forget that almost every major detail of these new smartphones, including their design, was leaked prior to the announcement. Same has been the case with Apple’s tablets. But as it turns out there’s work going on in Cupertino on devices that the rumor mill hasn’t even heard about, this comes straight from company CEO Tim Cook.

In a recent interview with Charlie Rose, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about various topics which included Apple’s competition with Google, the legacy of co-founder and Cook’s predecessor Steve Jobs as well as the future of TV.

During the interview Cook said that Apple is working on products “that haven’t been rumored about yet.” However he did not elaborate exactly what these products are. Earlier this year when Cook mentioned that the company will be entering into new product categories later this year almost everyone expected that he was talking about the smartwatch, AppleWatch is proof that indeed he was.

When Charlie Rose asking about the TV market Cook didn’t really come out and say that its an area that Apple is really looking at, however he did remark that TV is “stuck back in the ’70s.” There have been countless rumors about an Apple HDTV which analysts now believe won’t hit the market until late 2015. What Apple fans would be most interested in now are the products that haven’t been rumored as yet, sadly there’s no credible information on what Cupertino’s R&D department is cooking up.

The second part of Cook’s interview with Charlie Rose will be aired tomorrow.

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