google dataThanks to the Edward Snowden reports about how the NSA has been busy collecting user data from US citizens, many are understandably paranoid and concerned about the security of their personal data as well as their own privacy. Unfortunately if you were hoping that all the backlash would force governments to halt or slow down their efforts, you would be sadly mistaken.

According to Google’s latest Transparency Report (via CNET), it seems that worldwide government requests for user data has actually increased. The report has been updated and based on the new figures, it seems that government requests from around the world have actually increased by 150% over the years.

The reports have typically asked for information such as registration information, email address, IP addresses, and more. In the first half of 2014, the requests have increased by 15%, and 150% since the report had been published way back in 2009, five years ago. Google themselves have received 31,698 government requests so far and has complied with approximately 65% of them.

However the figures don’t include National Security Letters or requests made under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. According to Google’s Legal Director, Law Enforcement and Information Security, Richard Salgado, Google has “seen some countries expand their surveillance authorities in an attempt to reach service providers outside their borders. Others are considering similar measures.”

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