There’s no end to the hype that has already been created for Apple’s first wearable device commonly known as the iWatch. The rumor mill seems to be convinced that Apple is going to unveil this device on September 9th, the event where its also going to show off the iPhone 6. According to a new report the iWatch is going to have the ability to run third party applications and it will even have an App Store of its own.

The report does not make it clear if the iWatch will get a separate section in the iTunes App Store for its apps or if it’ll get a full fledged App Store meant just for the wearable device. 9to5mac reports that a “small handful of high-profile social network and services” that already have apps on the iOS App Store for iPhone and iPad have been seeded a pre-release version of the SDK for iWatch under a strict non-disclosure agreement. Facebook is claimed to be one of those social networks.

A source claims that Apple wants to show off third party apps running on the iWatch at the event on Tuesday, and its possible that Facebook’s app might make the cut.

Apple is only expected to show off the iWatch on September 9th. Many reports suggest that the wearable device won’t hit the market until early next year. However nothing has been confirmed at this point in time so it would be best to wait for Apple’s official announcement.

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