japan-space-elevatorIn February earlier this year, we brought you word that there might be a more affordable way to transport people to space and back which does not require a spacecraft, and neither will it burn as much fuel along the way. That was the idea of a space elevator, and here we are with another idea – also from Japan, concerning a space elevator. Construction company Obayashi intends to roll out a fully functional space elevator by the time the year 2050 rolls around.


This space elevator is touted to use a cable that will hit a length of 96,000 kilometers all the way into space, which is the rough equivalent of 60,000 miles, with a terminal station located at approximately 36,000 kilometers from the earth. This would help lower the cost of transporting people and cargo dramatically compared to a traditional rocket spaceship. It is said that a one way trip would take a total of seven days, now how about that? The final destination before you make a return down to terra firma? A space station which would be specially constructed just for this.

For those who are claustrophobic and hate the idea of traveling in a submarine, perhaps a space elevator would not be your cup of tea, either. After all, it would be no fun getting stuck somewhere in the atmosphere halfway, especially when a one way trip takes seven days!

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