lg-billboard-adSouth Korean consumer electronics giant LG knows that advertising does play a very important role when it comes to “persuading” the masses that their product (or products) are better than what the competition offers, highlighting device strengths while minimizing the weaknesses. Sometimes, just like how TVs and smartphone screens are moving as an industry these days, the “bigger is better” mantra is applied. This particular line of thought has also led LG to erect a humongous billboard advertisement that promotes the LG G3 flagship device over in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Along the way, LG has picked up the gong for this particular billboard being the “largest outdoor advertising structure” – having being certified by the Guinness World Records, too.

This massive structure is located next to the King Khalid International Airport, where it measures nearly a quarter of a kilometer wide, is a dozen meters high, and allegedly used up 1,800 tons of steel in the process of its erection. The goal is to have it seen by nearly 20 million people who travel each year through the King Khalid International Airport, which LG claims will generate up to $25 million more revenue annually.

I do wonder what the entire cost of this billboard is, and does the House of Saud have a stake in it as well? [Press Release]

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