Earlier this year there was a lot of hype for a new smartphone that was termed as a “flagship killer.” OnePlus, a new kid on the block, came out with its OnePlus One smartphone quite a few months back and yet it is still not widely available for purchase. Customers have to jump through hoops like invites and contests just to be able to throw their money at the company. Those who have given up trying may want to give it another shot in either Q2 or Q3 of 2015 because that’s when the OnePlus 2 may be launched.

Carl and David from OnePlus did an AMAA on reddit’s r/technology subreddit today and gave away this launch timeframe. It was also mentioned that by that time Android L would be pretty standard so fans should expect the latest operating system on the OnePlus 2 when it launches next year.

The duo were asked a few times during the session whether the company is going to reduce the size of the OnePlus 2, the existing smartphone has a 5.5-inch display and its safe to say that it happens to be quite big. Without confirming anything they said that OnePlus is “exploring” the possibility of a smaller device.

One thing that was not clarified was whether OnePlus will use the same system for selling devices that it used this year. The invite and contests route might help in raising hype but its frustrating to say the least, and as the company learned this year some social media activities meant to raise hype often end up blowing in your face.

No word on what the OnePlus 2 specifications are going to be, but we’ll certainly get to know in due time.

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