We’re sure you guys have probably come across sci-fi movies or TV shows where a character has a tiny drone that can take off from their wrist. Well if you thought that would be pretty cool to own, you could very well own such a drone in the future. This is thanks to Intel’s wearables competition in which one of the finalists created a drone called the Nixie.

This is a wearable camera/drone that can be strapped to your wrist. However it can also be command to take off from your wrist in which it will be able to hover, reposition itself, and snap a selfie of you. The selfie part does seem a tad novel but we guess the main idea is there – a wearable drone.

The drone can be sent flying using a gesture, kind of like how you might command a bird on your arm to take off and whatnot. Unfortunately as it stands, the Nixie exists more as a concept rather than an actual product, although Christoph Kohstall and his team do have a prototype at the moment.

Now we can imagine that there are many uses for such a drone apart from taking selfies, and now thanks to their $50,000 prize, it looks like the team will be able to further their research and turn it into something viable. In the meantime what kind of uses do you guys think such a device could have?

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