scout svThere are a lot of war video games these days based on real life military weapons and equipment to help make the game seem more realistic, and sure those games are fun, but beyond that, what does having skills in video games like Call of Duty or Battlefield allow us to accomplish?

Well if you think you’re a proficient gamer, it seem that the UK army might want you. According to Kevin Connell, the vice president at General Dynamics which is a global defence firm, it seems that they are on the lookout for people who play video games because it is these people that could one day be behind the wheel of the British Army’s smart tanks.

The British Army is working on a new tank called the Scout TV. It will be the first fully-digitized armored fighting vehicle in the British Army’s fleet and will come with all sorts of sensors and cameras. These sensors can be used to report on weather conditions, target acquisition, reconnaissance, and more.

So why can’t a regular soldier drive the tank? Well according to Connell, “With the capability in the Scout SV, we’re really looking for the type of people who play Xbox games – tech-savvy people who are able to take in a lot of information and process it in the proper way.” So that’s one way of putting your video game skills to use.

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