firefighting-droneDrones have a ton of potential and not just for warfare. It can be used to make deliveries, record videos from heights and places which might not be reachable, and it is a pretty fun hobby as well, so safe to say that the future of drones is looking very promising. It seems that in the spirit of improving upon drone technology, better software, and more affordable devices, the Linux Foundation has recently announced the Dronecode Project.

The Dronecode Project will also see other companies such as 3D Robotics, Baidu, Box, Intel, Qualcomm, and more participate in it in which the end result is the development of a common and shared open source platform that could potentially be used in all drones in the future.

According to Jim Zemlin, the executive director at the Linux Foundation, “By becoming a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project, the Dronecode community will receive the support required of a massive project right at its moment of breakthrough. The result will be even greater innovation and a common platform for drone and robotics open source projects.”

With President Obama signing the FAA Air Transportation Modernization and Safety Improvement Act, it will see the loosening of the restrictions of commercial drones in the National Airspace System, so with the added support of the Linux Foundation and the Dronecode Project, perhaps we can expect to see drones take off (no pun intended) in a really big way in the not-so-distant future.

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