As you might have heard that with Android 5.0 and with certain Nexus devices, Google will be introducing the Ambient Display feature which is basically a borrowed feature from Motorola’s Moto Display. For those unfamiliar, Ambient Display will turn your device’s display on when you get a notification or when you lift your phone up, thus making it easy to check the screen at a glance without having to press any buttons.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well as it turns out it can be a double-edged sword, especially for users who don’t have PIN codes or lock patterns that locks their screens. According to an observation made by Kellex at Droid-Life, it seems that Ambient Display is apparently sensitive enough to the point where even slight movement from your phone in your pocket is enough to light its display.

Notifications arriving will also light up the display which could inadvertently end up causing you to pocket dial people, send unwanted messages, launch apps, and so on, which is not only annoying but potentially battery draining as well. Is there a solution to this? Well yes – add a PIN or pattern to your phone that will lock the screen, thus preventing you from accidentally launching apps or pocket dialing anyone.

Of course there is the possibility that you could end up locking your phone by entering the wrong pattern or code many time, so that’s something to be aware of. Hopefully Google will come up with a solution to address this, but in the meantime have you guys any solutions to this problem?

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