Choosing between the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus isn’t as straightforward as choosing between screen sizes. Both phones feature different screen resolutions, not to mention the iPhone 6 Plus’ optical image stabilization also makes for a compelling argument. However it seems that the OIS is causing trouble for some of its users.

According to reports from various iPhone 6 Plus owners, it seems that there could be a potential defect in the iPhone 6 Plus’ camera. Basically it seems that the OIS module is causing trouble for the camera, thus resulting is extremely blurry photos and videos. In fact some reports have gone as far as mentioning that they can hear a “clicking” sound, almost as if the module had detached itself within the phone.

Now the good news is that Apple is aware of this issue and has since offered to replace devices entirely or replace the camera module, as long as the device is still under warranty. Now we can’t be sure if this is an isolated series of cases or if these troubles could apply to all of the iPhone 6 Plus units, but hopefully this is something Apple is looking into for future iPhone 6 Plus units that have yet to be manufactured.

In the meantime if you’d like to see what the problem is exactly, you can check out the video above to get a better idea. Any of our readers with the iPhone 6 Plus experiencing these issues themselves?

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