If you’re the sort that likes to type in the dark, then having a keyboard with backlit keys is a great way to help you find your way around it. However what if you paired an ARM Cortex CPU with a mechanical keyboard with backlights? What kind of crazy shenanigans could one get up to? Well one user found out when he hacked his Coolermaster QuickFire Rapid-I mechanical keyboard.

In the video above, it shows how the keyboard has been hacked so that whenever you type on a key, the backlight behind it lights up. So if you were to typing out a long document then your whole keyboard would be dancing with lights, versus regular backlights which tend to stay put, or at most allows you to customize which areas you want turned on or off.

In fact the hack goes to show how one could even play a pseudo game of Snake on the keyboard itself, with the lights acting as the moving snack and how individuals keys act as the item that the snake eats to grow longer. It’s a bit messy and hard to tell that it is a game of snake, but it’s definitely there and we guess the point is to show off what one can do with such a keyboard.

That being said the instructions that you would need to customize such a keyboard can be found on the SpriteMods’ website, so if you wouldn’t mind checking it out, head on over for the details. In the meantime you can check out the demonstration in the video above.

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