Windows-Phone-Store_3When Microsoft was trying to court developers into making more apps for the Windows Phone platform, which at this point is still lagging behind the likes of iOS and Android, they put a lot of effort into it and did all they could to make it easier for developers to create apps for their platform, but it looks like that goodwill could be coming to an end.

Previously Microsoft had arranged it so that whatever developers sold, Microsoft would take a 30% cut, with that cut dropping to 20% if the app raked in more than $25,000 in sales. Sounds like a good deal, right? Unfortunately it seems that come 2015, Microsoft will be making some changes to the developer agreement where Microsoft will start taking more money.

The 30% cut is still there, but as per the new agreement, there will be no incentive for developers (other than to themselves) to earn more than $25,000 as the 30% will remain flat, regardless of how well the app is doing. The new agreement reads, “Beginning January 1, 2015, the Store Fee for all Apps made available in the Windows Store will be thirty percent (30%) of Net Receipts.”

This isn’t a huge loss to developers, although we’re sure some will no doubt be griping about the flat 30% cut. Will this discourage developers from contributing to the Windows Phone platform in the future, or do you think these changes won’t make a difference?

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