google shoppingWhen it comes to purchasing products online, chances are you frequent a variety of different websites for your different needs. Now Google has their own shopping website in the form of Google Shopping, for those who are unfamiliar. Basically it lists a bunch of different products which then redirects the user to that retailer’s website.


In a way it’s a bit like Google Search, except dedicated to purchases. However with each redirect, Google loses a user on its website (for that moment), which in turn also means less ad revenue, which is why according to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Google is said to be looking to include a “Buy Now” button to Google Shopping.

With the “Buy Now” button, Google hopes that users will stay on its website longer as opposed to sending them off to someone else, like Amazon, for example. Now Google will not be stocking the products themselves, but rather users will be able to make their purchase via Google Shopping’s website instead without having to leave the page.

In a way it would similar to Amazon’s third-party sellers where users are able to search for products that might not necessarily be stocked or sold by Amazon themselves. Google is also said to be working on a two-day shipping membership similar to Amazon Prime. No word on when this feature will be rolled out, but in the meantime what do you guys think? Is this something you’d like to see?

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