Digital music downloads have registered a major slump this past year as consumers have moved towards streaming services and internet radio in greater numbers. Owing to the popularity of the streaming model it is unsurprising to see new players trying to make it into this market. Grooveshark is reportedly going to dabble in this as well. A new report published today claims that the company is gearing up to launch an internet radio service in 2015.


According to The Wall Street Journal this internet radio service will be similar to Pandora, which happens to be one of the most popular internet radio services available now. This means that Grooveshark is going to play nice with labels and pay them royalties for every song played.

Since this will cost Grooveshark a handsome amount of money, they can’t offer this as a purely free service. Users will reportedly have to pay $0.99 per month for Grooveshark’s internet radio service which would then provide them with an ad-free listening experience.

It is also reported that Grooveshark will launch this service, called Broadcasts, as a separate platform. Apps for both iOS and Android devices will be released when the service goes live. Even though we have the 2015 timeframe for release, it hasn’t been confirmed as yet exactly when this new internet radio station will hit the airwaves.

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