Nokia-130-MicrosoftI would rank this to be a rather surprising move, actually, where Microsoft has begun to introduce a brand new software update for the highly affordable Nokia 130 (RM-1037) handset. Not only that, there will also be a software update that will roll out for the Nokia 130 Dual SIM (RM-1035). I know that these are not exactly handsets that most people would drool over, since they are mostly functional featurephones, but it is still an interesting aspect of Microsoft that has not surfaced before. After all, the Nokia 130 was released a mere three months thereabouts ago, and each of them will cost approximately $25.

If you happen to be an Android-powered smartphone owner, what more one who owns a flagship model and have yet to be on the receiving end of an update after some time, surely this is one bit of news that would not go down too well with you. So far, we do know that this update for the Nokia 130 will be made available in the Europe region only, and do bear in mind that Series 30+ phones do not support OTA (Over The Air) updates, although you are able to perform the update using the Nokia Software Recovery Tool.

What will be introduced in this software update? The “Contacts not ready” error is fixed, and so will there be Bulgarian language thrown into the mix in selected countries, while enjoying an overall improved stability and performance.

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