nophoneDo you still remember the NoPhone? This happens to be a device that certainly lives up to its name, being developed to ensure that one will be able to ease into the transition of not living with a smartphone by your side all the time. The NoPhone happens to be a successfully funded Kickstarter project, where this piece of plastic is meant to substitute your smartphone in your pocket. It looks like a handset, and has a similar feeling in terms of size and form factor, but it does not have any kind of display all, and neither does it come with the relevant innards to keep it going.

In other words, this is but a simple piece of plastic that makes you feel as though you are carrying a smartphone in your pocket, but other than that, it is unable to receive calls, send text messages, or even play back music, for it is as useful as a smartphone just like how a rock would be. This ought to ensure that you will be able to enjoy actual conversations with another human being over dinner, as well as spend quality time with your loved ones, or perhaps even enjoy your surroundings without having to go through smartphone withdrawal symptoms.

The NoPhone also works great to trick thieves whenever they would like to relieve you of your smartphone, and it is interesting to note that over 2,000 NoPhones have been sold already to date, where they will arrive by December 25th.

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