Gamers take notice, Acer has made some announcements that you might want to pay attention to. The company has announced Acer XB270HU which is the world’s first IPS gaming monitor with the NVIDIA G-Sync. Equipped with IPS technology it measures in at 27-inches, with 2,560×1,440 pixel resolution and 144Hz refresh rate. The monitor has been announced inline with the International Consumer Electronics Show 2015 where this product will be on display.


Being the world’s first gaming monitor with NVIDIA G-SYNC to feature IPS technology, Acer says that this monitor can provide consistently clear images from up to 178 degree wide viewing angles. NVIDIA’s G-SYNC technology is tasked with making sure that every frame that’s rendered by the graphics processor is in synchronization with the monitor’s refresh rates in a PC powered by NVIDIA’s GeFore GTX graphics card.

This technology therefore reduces screen tearing as well as display stutter and input lag to provide gamers with a fast, smooth and dynamic gaming experience. To the eye the scenes appear more instant, objects seem visually sharp and gameplay feels more responsive. This performance isn’t lost even in multi-monitor setups and here the wide viewing angles come in handy to provide gamers with a great in-game experience.

The monitor comes with an ErgoStand which is multifunctional, it can be used to tilt, swivel and adjust the height of the XB270HU.

Acer will start shipping this monitor in March 2015.

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