blossomMost sprinkler systems work on a timer, as in the user can set when in the day they want the sprinklers to go off, which works great for those who are at work or on holiday and aren’t home to keep their lawns watered. However this timer system is a bit flawed in the sense that even if it rained heavily an hour before, the sprinklers will still go off anyway which is kind of moot.

For those shopping for more smart and automated home gadgets, Blossom might be of interest to you. Blossom is a smart sprinkler system that basically enhances the sprinkler systems of today. It allows users to automate the scheduling of the sprinklers and what makes Blossom particularly interesting is its ability to keep an eye on weather patterns.

This means that it will not simply go off because of the time, but it will also be able to go off when it thinks that it is needed, like on a particularly hot and dry day. The accompanying Blossom app will also allow users to manage individual zones in their lawn, so if there is a particular bush or area that might need more tending to, you can set it so that these particular zones get watered more often.

The app also allows for remote enabling of the sprinklers, so even if you’re on holiday, you will be able to set it off whenever you want to from your smartphone, tablet, or even your computer. Blossom was launched last year as a Kickstarter project and is now available for pre-order via Blossom’s website for an early bird price of $149 where it is expected to begin shipping in March.

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